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Our team of veterans and military spouses knows the perfect places for a great meal, fun day out with the family, and even the best place to get the oil changed. Daily Deals offer tremendous savings on popular goods and services you'll use everyday!

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You've probably heard of a military discount at one point or another. TroopSwap takes them one step further. We contact businesses that want to support the military community and unite them in one convenient discount platform! Search from your smartphone and redeem on the go!

Fabulous Getaways


Maximize your R&R with a TroopSwap Getaway! Whether it's a bed and breakfast just a few hours away, a sandy beach on a tropical island, an international travel tour, or anywhere in between, Getaways deliver unparalleled sights and unforgettable memories.

How does it work?

Veterans started TroopSwap to create the first online military marketplace. Every day, teams of military spouses and veterans source exclusive deals from premium businesses of all sizes. In order to make sure the discounts are truly special, our verification methods keep deals off limits to the general public. Sign up for free, verify your service, and start claiming exclusive deals sourced by other veterans and military spouses just for you!

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Show your support for our armed forces community by creating a special deal on TroopSwap today. Give back to a community that has already given so much. Attract the most loyal and respectful customers in the world to your business. By serving the military, you will create a special bond with a community that is based on mutual respect and reciprocity. Expand your reach to every segment of the military community.

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"TroopSwap helps me give back to the military while reaching new, loyal customers from this community."
– Mark R.
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Who is eligible?

TroopSwap proudly serves Military:

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If you have worn the uniform yourself or stayed up late at night worrying over a loved one serving in uniform, then you are eligible for TroopSwap membership. We are proud to serve you.

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